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Mastering Your Inner GPS


Ever wish life flowed more easily? Do you want to deepen trust of that knowing inside of you that screams YES! Do you wish you had more focused energy? Is there a place in your life where you feel stuck?  Maybe you are you working on a goal (health, relationship, work, transition, creative, etc)? Or perhaps redefining your passions, purpose and potential?

Come gain an understanding of how your thoughts, emotions, experiences, physical and energetic systems collaborate together. You will develop your relationship with your subtle energy system- a powerful sense once tuned into will enhance your personal internal GPS- your most reliable guide! Fine tuning this natural intuitive sense grooms you to better identify both energy draining and energy enhancing patterns in your life. This gives you clarity in making decisions that are most in line with your true desires. And when your thoughts and actions are more in line with who you are, your life mirrors more of what you long for, deep inside yourself.

You will learn and experience simple techniques you can do anywhere, any time of day to align to your internal GPS and transform negative influences into empowered actions. Free yourself from trauma, old wounds, outdated beliefs, unhealthy expectations from your self and others, and other restrictive patterns that drain your energy. Discover how to support healthy interactions with your relationships, personality and thought patterns. You will also learn how to raise your vibration to more powerfully and quickly attract more of what you desire. The world is made up of energetic vibrations, as are you. And by the Law of Attraction, you draw to yourself more of the same frequency you are vibrating at. Putting into use the tools you will learn will heighten your vibrational frequency, which creates an expression of greater health and joy and continues to draw more of that to you. Your body also carries within it energetic "highways" that are meant to flow. Energy can become stuck for many reasons and stagnant energy can become trapped within your systems causing pain, frustration, emotional and physical dis-ease. This can create road blocks to your successes on all levels. You are also influenced by the energy of those around you and you may be holding the weight of others "baggage" which drains your own vital reserve.  Understanding how to work with your energy can and WILL change your life (and those around you)!

This program runs for 4 classes, each one building upon the previous class teaching you how to perceive and manage your energy systems and develop self alignment techniques. Each class you will receive 1 hour professional work to fine tune and optimize your energy systems for personal support.

Join us! You'll be so glad you did

RYSE® is a self guided healing tool that empowers you to act from a place of inner truth, authenticity and power.

This work is also offered individually during personal sessions.

Additional supports provided between classes.


When:  Next class TBA


Location: Gracepoint Holistic Health  382 Boston Turnpike, Suite 103A Shrewsbury, MA 01545

( This is a new, larger space from previous classes in the same building, first floor )

Instructor: Diane Burns is a RYSE  Practitioner and Educator (RPT3), a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP) and Occupational Therapist (OT)


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All graduates of the program are invited to RYSE and SHINE ~ classes that offer continued knowledge and group sessions for further strengthening of your subtle energetic systems and life  Current class Schedule here.


 Learn skills that will transform your life    


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 What people are saying about RYSE:

"Trying to balance school, work, and my personal life can be a challenge at the best of times. Trying to do it when I’m feeling cloudy and sluggish is nearly impossible. My experience with the RYSE clearings has been extremely helpful in keeping my whole being feeling clear and focused. I love that the class taught me to clear myself, making it possible for me to “reset” my energy wherever I am, and whenever I feel that I need it. My work with RYSE has been extremely valuable in giving me the tools to keep my life feeling steady and balanced."    E. Doherty

"This class has given me more energy and has sharpened my senses and hearing. I learned skills to to keep my body intune and aligned and find myself more calm and happy. I use the CD's regularly. They are a great tool to carry this work home."  R. Manella

"This class exceeded my expectations. When I am in a bad mood, I am able to quickly and easily identify the problem and clear my energy so as to remove the problem. I feel very successful using the RYSE tools I learned in this class. i would definitively recommend this class to others"  R. Loughran

"People in my life have seen significant changes in my persona, energy and positivity. I am more efficient in making open changes and in more control of my emotions during challenging situations without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. Thank you!"  M. Bilodeau

"I absolutely love this work and I loved the format and setup of the program. It has completely changed the way I look at problems / issues that come up in my life. I feel empowered knowing how to manage my energy system and the tools help me feel clear and focused."  E.D. 

" Living with a disability, I easily get overwhelmed physically, emotionally and mentally. This work helps me gain control over my emotional state, keeps my body more relaxed, allows me to better focus on my school work and helps me find my positive attitude when I've lost it. I find the RYSE CD's very supportive." J.Burns

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