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Gracepoint Holistic Health

382 Boston Turnpike, Shrewsbury, MA (508) 868-2168



Where you are in effective hands to Relax, Heal and Revitalize yourself



 Treatments to Relieve:

 Pain, Fatigue, Back and Neck issues, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic conditions, Headache, Digestive challenges, Dis-regulated nervous system, Persistent symptoms with unexplained medical cause, Trauma,  Feeling stuck somewhere in one's life ...


Enhance Your:

 Physical and Mental Vitality, Productivity, Clarity of mind, Joy, Sleep, Connection to self, Creative flow, Sense of Purpose, Recovery speed, Ability to find and stay IN THE ZONE ...


Location: 382 Boston Turnpike, Suite 103A, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Office: (508) 868-2168


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When we are BALANCED, we are connected, healthful, joyful and creative.
When we LOSE OUR BALANCE, we acquire dis-stress, dis-ease and disconnect.        
GRACEPOINT specializes in restoring your balance within your Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit


Diane Burns BCPP, RPT3, OT

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