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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions .

What Will The Session Be Like?

You are welcomed into a space designed for your relaxation and comfort. The air is purified and infused with relaxing negative ions and aromatherapy. Bioavailable, energized water is provided. Music, chosen to support you, is playing. Sessions are clothed and most often are enjoyed lying on a table designed for your comfort or can be seated. You have the opportunity to share your concerns and session goals and together a treatment plan will be created. After your personal session,  appropriate self care suggestions can be shared for continued benefits after your session.

How Soon Will I Feel Results?

Results are often felt as the work is being done or sometime soon thereafter.  During treatment we strive to address the root cause of an issue. This may take multiple sessions to work through. 

How Often Should I Be Getting Bodywork or Energy work?

The long term benefits of bodywork and energy work tend to be cumulative and are most effective when received consistently. How often you receive treatment is best determined on your lifestyle and goals. If you are experiencing an acute condition, a number of sessions close together for the first few treatments may be your most effective option. This varies and is dependent on individual situations. Many  enjoy this support on an ongoing basis for continued relaxation, health management and personal evolution.

How Does Energy Therapy Work?

We are energy bodies. Energy surrounds us in layers and runs through us in pathways that form the foundation for our health. Like oxygen and blood, energy needs to flow though the body in order to sustain our health. Sometimes these energy fields or paths are blocked or compromised and the energy becomes stagnate. I will clear away energy that is no longer supporting you or help to move the energy to restore its flow.

In energy medicine, the Chakras are a main focus because if the energy is not flowing within the Chakras, the associated organs or physical areas suffer. Compare it to your cells not receiving blood or oxygen. The disruption of energy flow in the body can be the forerunner of disease, ill spiritual heath and poor life balance. In other words, “energy comes before form.” Every disease or ailment that affects our physical bodies is often preceded by a disruption in our energy body. All life experiences, including trauma, is held in our energy fields. Energy work can release and restore balance and health.

‚ÄčWhy Go To A Certified Ryse Level 3 Practitioner?

Each RYSE Level 3 Practitioner has successfully graduated from the RYSE Teacher Training Program at Spa Tech/Polarity Realization Institute. This is a Master Healer Course that is the highest level of education available at Spa Tech. Each RYSE Practitioner is trained to balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies so you are able to reach your highest potential and true life’s purpose.

How do I prepare for a distance session?

For distance sessions, you will choose a quiet comfortable place where you can be alone and without any pets like your bedroom, living room or office.  You can lie down or sit up whichever is most comfortable for you. And you can plan soft music if you would like to help you relax.

I Felt Sick The Next Day. What Happened?

You may have experienced what is known as a "healing reaction.” This is an indication that your body is preparing to heal by detoxifying. Occasionally you temporarily feel worse before you feel better as your body is releasing toxins. It is recommended to drink plenty of water in order to flush out toxins in your system. An Epsom Salt bath can be calming, healing and detoxifying and  help you speed up the healing process. 

Can my pets receive this therapy?

Yes they can! Their systems get out of balance just like ours and benefit from tune ups.  A change in behavior may be a signal of an imbalance. Difficult behaviors may be related to some kind of trauma or experience that can be worked with. Being the bundles of unconditional love they are, they often also take on energy from their environment or loved ones that doesn't support them and needs to be cleared.

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